Interior Designing & Planning

Architects and Interior Designers in Mumbai

The approach is to first understand the needs of the client or the organization. Our team of best architect and interior designer in Mumbai work together with the client to comprehend the nature of work that would be carried out in the office and the activities that the staff would be dealing with. In accordance to that the general site grading and level drawing is prepared in order to create a structure that would support those activities.

Your brand needs to stand out, and we at Astral Designs are here to place emphasis on adding an element of awe to your office space.We create attractive and appealing layouts for HOMES, OFFICES, STUDIO APARTMENTS, RETAIL SHOPS and RESTAURANT. Our job is to include creating color palettes, selecting appropriate furniture, and accessorizing the space with fabrics, wall hangings, light fixtures, and flooring.

We provide you with the services of the best interior architects in Mumbai who strive to provide you with a space that would look amazing while using up the space as efficiently as possible. With the best architects and interior designers in Mumbai teaming up together for a single project, we provide you with some of the latest and original interior designs for your home and office.

Office & Home

Astral Designs creates interior design concepts that add more functionality to the space available. Our designers along with best interior architects in Mumbai come up with designs that would fill the space with energy.

When it comes to office, we integrate the needs of the employer and the employee and the requirements of the organization and the company. And the task of adding functionality starts right from the creation of the structure with our architect laying out some of the most appropriate designs for the office building and factories.

Residence is more about beauty over efficiency. What makes a house a home? The design and decoration that mirrors our personality. That’s what makes a house a home. We are here to help you choose the best design that would suit your personality. We provide our clients with ideas regarding what furniture and artworks would go along perfectly with the rest of the surroundings.

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